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At Loft we believe in providing parents and families with the opportunity to interact directly with their child’s early education.

The Cooperative Experience

At Loft we believe in providing parents and families with the opportunity to interact directly with their child’s early education. Sending your child off to school is a big step. The co-op experience encourages you to develop relationships with your child’s teachers as well as the other families in the school. At Loft you will have the opportunity to join in the classroom activities on your child’s “Special Day,” get to know other parents, learn from the teachers as you watch them interact with the children, and get the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a community that is passionate about giving children the best introduction possible to formal education.

The Loft School’s cooperative preschool program offers parents and children the opportunity to be involved in education together. By becoming part of a cooperative school you are investing in your child’s first learning experience. Our cooperative environment encourages the parent/teacher relationship, enabling a unified approach to your child’s early education.

“When I was looking for a pre-school for my daughter I really wanted a place that eased her into formal education. I was less worried about her learning academics as I was about teaching her how to get along with other kids and have a strong sense of self in a group. I have been so happy with the Loft experience. I have loved the open and welcoming dynamic between the school and families and the invitation to participate in the co-op. The teachers and administrators are wonderful and it is such a comfort to feel like we are all on the same page. I truly feel like my child is seen and heard. The big bonus for me has been the opportunity to observe and to learn from the teachers. I will be sad when my daughter moves on to Kindergarten but I am excited for my son to have the same experience when he starts in the fall!”

– Heidi M.


“I have had children at the Loft School for 7 years, through 4 of my 5 children, and fully plan on sending my youngest when she is old enough. At Loft, they don’t just prepare your children to be ready for school, through play and interactive hands-on learning, they prepare your children to be confident leaders with the tools to succeed in life–not just school. I honestly feel as if I am a better mother for having observed the phenomenal teachers interact with their students, and I love how this nonprofit cooperative preschool strives to work as a community to give the children the best education they can. I wouldn’t want to send my kids anywhere else.”

– Carriann M.


“Loft preschool has a wonderful cooperative program. I look forward to joining my child’s classroom on her special days, helping with walking field trips and just being involved with such a special school. I have met so many great parents and the connection to the community is perfect for us. My daughter will be starting pre-k this Fall. The past two years at Loft has prepared her for this important year and we look forward to our son joining the Loft next!”

– Whitney W.


“My family could not be happier with Loft School. We are on our second child attending Loft, and our third will start next year. We love the co-operative aspect of it because we get to actively participate in our child’s education and growth, at the same time getting to personally know each teacher, assistant, staff member, and fellow students and their families. The Loft community feels like a family and it makes sending your “baby” to school each day a true pleasure, for the child and the parents!”

– Margot K.


Classroom participation is the main key area where Loft families experience education. Parents are encouraged to participate in the fundraising efforts which are planned throughout the year and/or volunteer time to serve on a committee designed to help the school run smoothly and efficiently.

In addition, the Annual Meeting held in May of each year involves required attendance by at least one parent from each family that has a child enrolled at Loft for the following September. The by-laws under which the school operates mandates this participation due to the nature of the meeting.

We recognize that not everyone’s schedule permits the same types of participation. We welcome grandparents, close relatives, or other special people to join us on your child’s “Special Day.” If you are not able to join us during the school day, we have plenty of other opportunities for you to get involved and become a part of the community.

What makes the Loft different from other schools?

We recognize that school today is different than when we were children. At the Loft we respect decades of research that shows children at the pre-school level learn best through play. The Loft curriculum exposes children to new ideas and concepts through thoughtful, structured, interactive play. An integral part of the Loft experience is the belief that the school is at its strongest when families work together with faculty and staff to create a positive and enriching environment for the students.

Loft Curriculum
Class size
Special Day/Week

Loft Curriculum

Loft aims to prepare children for success when they reach Kindergarten. Academic subjects are woven into a play-based learning environment that places importance on the development of social and emotional skills and helping children navigate conflicts without losing their sense of self. Loft believes that children who can self-regulate, successfully articulate their needs and wants, and negotiate compromise will have a solid foundation for further growth and learning.

Class Size

A typical Pre-School I or II class has no more than 8 students. The Pre-Kindergarten class has a maximum of 12 students with a 1:6 teacher/student ratio. Our small class sizes allow our passionate teachers to really see and understand each student’s individual development needs and apply thoughtful strategies to help each child reach their potential.

Special Day/Week

The Loft School celebrates each child throughout the school year. This tradition is rooted in the collaborative spirit of the Loft. Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to share family traditions and experiences at school with loved ones by their side, all the while gaining confidence and a positive sense of self worth.

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