Welcome to The Loft Cooperative School!

The Loft School’s cooperative preschool program offers parents and children the opportunity to be involved in education together. ​By becoming part of a cooperative school you are investing in your child’s first learning experience.

Welcome to The Loft Cooperative School!

The Loft School of Marion is a cooperative preschool in Marion. At Loft we believe that the preschool years are the foundation for future success both in school and in life. Children are exposed to new ideas and concepts through thoughtful, structured, interactive play. The Loft is a welcoming community for both parents and children with family gatherings and classroom participation throughout the school year. We are a little school with a BIG heart!

At The Loft School, We Learn. Play. Explore. Grow. Care.

At The Loft School, You Will Be a Part Of…


Hands on Learning


Cooperative Family Engagement



Learn About What Makes The Loft School Special

The Loft difference lies in the direction and support given by teachers and families in collaboration. Activities that look and sound like children playing are opportunities being capitalized upon to foster growth. When children are given the time to explore their surroundings they can more easily make sense of the world around them. When we give them choices, they feel empowered. When we present an environment full of interesting play, they are more likely to learn and retain key developmental concepts. The preschool years are the foundation of future success both in school and in life. We believe that the experiences children have at Loft contribute greatly towards those successes.

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